A Modern Company's Guide to Hiring a Modern Elder

What is a Modern Elder?

A modern elder is a seasoned boomer with 10 to 25+ years of experience who participates in inter-generational knowledge transfer.

A modern elder is expected to evolve, learn and collaborate in order to make an impact in the workplace.

Wisdom at Work

In April 2019, the Toronto Board of Trade & BoomersPlus hosted an event with Chip Conley, author of Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder.

Engaging a packed room, Mr Conley gave an impressive keynote speech that drew from his rich experience to provide practical examples of how organizations and individuals can harmoniously combine multiple generations in the workplace.

In an era where four generations are working together, Mr. Conley’s rich experience – first as an independent hotel entrepreneur and then as a mentor and intern (a “mentern”) to visionary CEO Brian Chesky at Airbnb – offered powerful illustrations of how experienced professionals and corporations can exchange skills and flourish.

Mr Conley was then interviewed in a fireside chat and took questions from the audience. His insightful answers proved that there is a great value to leveraging Wisdom at Work.

Chip Conley was recently featured on the Tim Ferriss show. You can watch the podcast here. For more about Chip Conley, visit the Modern Elder Academy.

Benefits of Hiring A Modern Elder

When a seasoned expert leaves a company, it leaves a gap in knowledge and experience known as boomer brain-drain. Hiring boomers can help companies with:

  • Succession planning
  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Filling interim positions
  • Building business relationships from existing connections
  • Managing a multigenerational workforce

The success of a company can hinge on employers understanding the benefits of working with a modern elder.

Companies can benefit by embracing diversity of experience. It is important for companies to have the inter-generational workforce balance to encourage knowledge transfer.

Seasoned experts provide knowledge and insight resulting from years of experience in a particular field. Younger workers benefit from the advice of a seasoned expert, while themselves bringing new skills and talents to an organization. The success of a company is tied to the success of it’s employees, and those employees are empowered to succeed when the workforce balance allows for inter-generational knowledge transfer as wisdom flows from old to young and vice versa.

Jobs and Expectations

A modern elder is expected to be a “Mentern” – mentor and intern, a phrase Chip Conley coined. In most cases, they are expected to mentor employees while understanding the business processes of the organization.

Chip Conley expects they will possess these characteristics:

  • Stewardship
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Holistic thinking
  • Unvarnished insight
  • Good judgment

Modern elders are well suited to C-suite roles, leadership, coaching, mentoring, contract positions, administrative roles and much more.

Where to Find a Modern Elder

There are companies whose sole purpose is to recruit experienced and skilled experts. BoomersPlus is one of the many organizations that focus on matching baby boomers to organizations.

Mentorship programs and succession planning schemes are available to tackle boomer brain drain. BoomersPlus exists in part to provide companies with solutions to this problem.

BoomersPlus is known for recruiting seasoned, professional boomers who can serve in C-suite, leadership, administrative and mentoring roles.

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